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Data Analysis, Design and Programming

Hiring Exxact Consulting to facilitate the process could be the most effective use of time and money your organization can invest. Using our experience and tools can save before contracting a programming application. We will review the data collection, structure and goals before sending to a programming company. We can even create a mock up of the data structure.

  • Custom Financial and Operation Modeling

  • Data Management and Customer Database Design and Programming

  • Database Prototyping
  • At times the scope and technology requirements are outside the company’s capabilities. We can still help you accomplish the overall task.

    Has your organization ever hired a programmer and had difficulty expressing what is needed? Do you think technical people speak a different language? We speak both, business and data.

  • Custom Database Applications using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL
      Advertising Commission Tracking System
      Patient Tracking and Reporting System
      Reporting for Lee County Sales Database
      Customer Options Tracking and Reporting Estimating System
      Fertilizer Disbursement Tracking and Revenue Projection
      System Real Estate Closing System Invoice Processing
      Mailing and Labeling System with Bar-Coding
      Gestational Diabetes Tracking and Reporting System Document
      Storage Tracking Donation Tracking and Communication
      Donation Tracking and Reporting System for Major Charity.

    • Data Conversions from one software program to another

    Deltek's Sema4 to Clearview Software's Infocus - Comprehensive conversion of master files, sales, receipts, purchase and disbursements journals, notes, etc.